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v1.0 just released!

 What is the Two-Wheeled Add-on?
RapidUnity Two-Wheeled Add-on adds new functionality to my RapidUnity Vehicle Editor, it allows you to create and ride motorcycles and bicycles within Unity.

No longer are you limited to only four wheeled vehicles, such as cars, with the Two-Wheeled Add-on you get a brand new rig, plus a couple of bikes to play with, and complete instructions on adding your own bikes!

All the functionality that is included with the Vehicle Editor is available for two wheeled vehicles, you can adjust any of the numerous settings to affect the handling of the bikes, and also save and load different setups that you create.

With this new add-on comes some new features, it is now possible to have different front and rear wheels, and also modify the suspension angle, and the front and rear suspension work realistically, with the forks compressing, and the rear swing arm moving with the rear wheel.

NOTE: These new features only work with the new two-wheeled rig, however I am planning to implement these on the four-wheeled rig in v2 of my Vehicle Editor which will be released soon!

The two-wheeled rig can be used for both powered bikes, and also push bikes, with push bikes the pedal and crank rotate like a real bicycle.

 Want to know more...
Why not take a look at the RapidUnity Two-Wheeled Add-on in action, they say a picture tells a thousand words, well a video tells a lot more!

 Like what you've seen?
Try out the two webplayer demos below, both these scenes come included with the Two-wheeled Add-on, so you can get riding straight away!

Also coming soon, I am just putting together another webplayer demo using the Unity Car Tutorial scene, and the bike and rider below which I have just purchased from Exchange3D.com

 More information? download the User Guide!
If you are considering purchasing the Rapidunity Two-Wheeled Add-on, however your still not sure, why not download the User Guide and learn more about how powerful and easy it is to use.

Download User Guide Download Rapidunity Two-Wheeled Add-on User Guide:

 Get the RapidUnity Two-Wheeled Add-on now!!!
RapidUnity Two-Wheeled Add-on is available for only 11.99 (approx $16/€13).
IMPORTANT: You need to already own a copy of the RapidUnity Vehicle Editor to use this product, not got it? get it now!

RapidUnity Two-Wheeled Add-on 11.99 (approx $16/€13)
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