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"All our 3D content is generated using
photographs of your actual product,
and is therefore highly realistic"
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Our main business focus is now web 3D Content & Online Product Marketing Solutions, however we also offer Software Development Services and a 3D Modelling Service. Please see below for more detail.

 web 3D Content & Online Product Marketing Solutions
A-Lab software specialise in producing interactive and engaging photorealistic 3D content for the internet.

Our web 3D content is unlike any other current offering, our aim is to produce an interactive photorealistic virtual version of your product online.
Rabbit Ornament Eurotherm 6100A DVD Case

Our web 3D content can be used to engage and educate your customers about your product, delivering your product information more effectively! Please visit the Services and Portfolio pages for more information.
As well as producing web 3D content solutions, we also offer 360 Degree Product presentations & Interactive Photo Panoramas for online or offline use. Click and drag the mouse on the image below to see in action! 

Finally, we also offer a solution to produce zoomable web images. We use high-resolution images of your products and process them so that visitors to your site can zoom and pan your product images in detail. The results are truly stunning!

See the  image below, use the icons or left or right click and drag to zoom and pan the image.

 Product Software Development
As our company name says, we are also a software development company, we have produced many applications using lots of different programming languages and technologies.

Most of our programming work has been 3D related, we have written a number of plugins for a product called
trueSpace, produced by Caligari. The most well known plugin we created is called Puppeteer-tSX, a 3D character animation tool.

We have also used DarkBasic Professional to produce our own standalone Windows 3D application called TRACKCreator3D for designing slot car tracks in realtime 3D.


And we are currently experimenting with the Torque Game Engine produced and distributed by Garage Games to produce a standalone 3D application called creation3D.

So if you have an idea for a 3D application that you would like creating, it does'nt matter how simple or complex,  please contact us with your requirements, to see what we can do for you!

 3D Modelling Services
Here at A-Lab Software we have vast experience in producing 3D models of absolutely anything you can imagine, and we are happy to take your sketches and ideas and produce a fully textured 3D model for you.

Please contact us for quote.

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