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v1.4 just released!
Scripting Reference

 What is the Scripting Reference?
The RapidUnity Scripting Reference document has been designed to help new and advanced users alike.

Whilst I have been learning Unity, I have found it a somewhat time consuming to find answers to seemingly simple questions regarding scripting syntax. I therefore started creating this document as a way to record my findings, over time the amount of information within the document has grown, and will continue to grow as I learn more and more about Unity.

The problem with scripting, is you find a way to do something, for instance change a GameObject’s position, or rotation, and then a few months later I will be writing some scripting code, and want to do the same thing, however I cannot remember the exact syntax, or worse still in which script I previously wrote the lines of code.

So in this guide you will find snippets of scripting code that perform a particular action or actions.

This document is not a user guide or training manual, it is more of a quick reference guide!

Table of Contents


Understanding Program Flow
Script Event Handlers
Script Compilation Order

Accessing/finding GameObjects within a Scene
Searching/Recursing entire scene for a GameObject
(New v1.2)
Getting and Setting a GameObject name
Changing a GameObject’s position, rotation and size
Creating a GameObject Primitive
Accessing Scripts attached to GameObject’s
Accessing the Components of a GameObject
Adding Components to a GameObject
Adding Lights 
(New v1.2)
Creating New Empty GameObject’s
Connecting GameObject’s together within the Scene Hierarchy
Copying/duplicating GameObject’s

Reading the Keyboard
Reading the Mouse Buttons

Reading and Writing Text Files

Loading a Scene at Runtime

Re-using assets, and creating Prefabs

Ways to Pause a Game or Application

Split Screen and Camera Switching

Runtime GUI Scripting
Loading Resources
Connecting/linking Scenes together via a Menu System

Editor GUI Scripting
Getting and Setting the active GameObject
EditorGUI Common Dialog Boxes
Enabling/Disabling GUI Controls
Editor Styles
(New v1.3)
EditorGUI Foldout Control
(New v1.3)

Web/Standalone Player Options (New v1.2)

How to make your own Skyboxes in Unity
(New v1.2)

Making use of  the Physics Raycast
(New v1.3)

Reading Joystick Buttons
(New v1.4)

Alternate Project Loading on Startup
(New v1.4)

Smarter Coding – Using Functions
(New v1.4)

Change skybox in code, actually any of the Edit Render Settings parameters
(New v1.4)

Working with SubStrings
(New v1.4)

(New v1.4)

 More information? Take a look inside the sneak peak version!
If you are considering purchasing the Rapidunity Scripting Reference, but your still not sure, why not download the sneak peak version and learn more about the reference guide.

Download Sneak Peak Version Download RapidUnity Scripting Reference sneak peak:

 Get the Scripting Reference document now!!!
The RapidUnity Scripting Reference is available for only 12.99  (approx $20/€15).

Scripting Reference Document 12.99 (approx $20/€15)
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 What's next for the Scripting Reference?
I will be constantly adding more and more scripting snippets to the Scripting Reference as I dig deeper into my Unity development and learn more, all future updates will be available for FREE to existing owners.

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