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v1.0 just released!

 What is the Light Library?
The RapidUnity Light Library is a Unity Editor panel that allows you to quickly and easierly change the lighting setup within a scene.

The Light Library allows you to select between 18 different lighting preset environments, from Sunrise to Starry Night!

Use these presets to quickly set the mood and tone of your scenes!

Basically, the Light Library works by simply clicking the graphical buttons on the interface, and the scene then gets the required lights automatically created, positioned, and rotated. Existing lights are removed.

It can be used for both small and large scenes.

For example you might want to show case a single object, and you can use the Spot preset, or if you are doing a night time scene, you can use NightCloud, Starry Night or Full Moon to set the overall ambience of the scene setting.

Some presets use a mixture of all types of lights, directional, point and spot.

Please take a look at the Unity Web Player demo below to see Light Library in action! The scene below allows you to switch the lighting, and skybox background, simply by clicking the buttons on the left-hand side.

NOTE: Skyboxes used in this demonstration, are from my 18 FREE Skyboxes Unity Package, download them FREE from the following link: http://www.alabsoft.com/skyboxes.php
Unity Web Player | Light Library Demonstration
created with Unity

 Get the Light Library now!!!
The RapidUnity Light Library is available for only 9.99  (approx $15/€12).

RapidUnity Light Library 9.99 (approx $15/€12)

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