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v1.1 just released!

 What is the Extra Primitives?
RapidUnity Extra Primitives is a Unity Editor panel that allows you to quickly and easierly add primitive objects to a scene.

Expanding on the existing handful of primitive shapes available with Unity, Extra Primitives provides a vast array of different building blocks, enabling you to mock-up or construct scenes within minutes.

And all without leaving the Unity Editor!

Extra Primitives now includes 7 categories of primitives, these are as follows:

Rectangular Primitives
Spherical Primitives
Triangular Primitives
Cylindrical Primitives
Room Primitives
Rock Primitives (New in v1.1)
Archway Primitives
(New in v1.1)

All primitives can be inserted into your scene with or without a collider component attached, simply check or uncheck the Create Colliders checkbox under the Settings foldout control at the bottom of the Extra Primitives interface.

I plan to add lots more primitives categories in the near future.

Here are the current categories contents.

Also included with Extra Primitives are 5 seamless rock textures, and I am planning to release more textures to use with Extra Primitives very soon, to help bring the primitives to life!

Extra Primitives is extremely easy to use, the interface is made up of standard Unity foldout control, which allows you to open and close the different primitve categories, and also use the scrollbars to move up and down the thumbnail buttons.

To insert a primitive into your scene, simply click the thumbnail button, that's it!

Below is an image of a Greek Pantheon (a greek temple for the gods) I created in under 5 minutes using a combination of Extra Primitives and Array Wizard, I also lit the scene using RapidUnity Light Library.

I have posted a YouTube video showing you how I created the
Greek Pantheon above using my RapidUnity tools!

Here's a shot with texturing added!

Textured at sunset! The lighting in the above two images were added with Light Library!

Why not checkout my RapidUnity Array Wizard, it is the perfect partner to Extra Primitives, or purchase both below for only  17.99 (approx $28/€20), saving 4.99, that's Extra Primitives for only half price!

 Get the Extra Primitives now!!!
RapidUnity Extra Primitives is available for only 9.99  (approx $15/€12).

RapidUnity Extra Primitives 9.99 (approx $15/€12)
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