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v0.5 just released!

Importer for Unity

 What is the Bob's Track Builder Importer for Unity?
RapidUnity BTB Importer is a package that allows you to export track and terrain data from the critically acclaimed track builder tool Bob's Track Builder.

Bob's Track Builder is an easy-to-use track building tool that allows you to easily create interesting tracks in minutes not hours!

It is the tool of choice for many racing simulation users, who create their own race tracks for highend simulators such as rFactor.

And now with my RapidUnity BTB Importer, you can use the same track building tool and import the results into Unity.

As well as being able to create your own custom tracks and terrain, included in my documentation is a 6 page tutorial showing you how to use Google Earth to create real world race tracks, export the data, import into Bob's Track Builder, and then import into Unity.

Take a look at my YouTube video to see it all in action...

 More information? Why not take a look at my BTB video tutorials now!
If you are considering purchasing the Rapidunity BTB Importer, take a look at my Bob's Track Builder instructional video tutorials, which show you the basics of Bob's Track Builder, you can also visit the Bob's Track Builder site, and watch other video tutorials (http://www.bobstrackbuilder.net/videos.aspx), and also find out more about this great track building tool, plus get the FREE unlimited 30-day trial version (http://www.bobstrackbuilder.net/).

Tutorial 1 of 4 - Basic Track Construction


Tutorial 2 of 4 - Basic Track Editing


Tutorial 3 of 4 - Basic Terrain Construction


Tutorial 4 of 4 - Basic Terrain Editing


 Get the RapidUnity BTB Importer for Unity now!!!
RapidUnity BTB Importer is available for only 11.99 (approx $19/€13).

NOTE: The current release v0.5 only supports import of the track and terrain meshes from Bob's Track Building into Unity at this time. However I am currently working on an upgrade which will include the import of track side objects from Bob's Track Builder, such as rumble strips, trees, walls, stands, and buildings.

RapidUnity BTB Importer 11.99 (approx $19/€13)
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