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v1.1 just released!

 What is the Array Wizard?
The RapidUnity Array Wizard is a Unity Editor panel that allows you to quickly and easierly create arrays (copies) of objects in all sorts of formations within a scene.

Array Wizzard allows you to select between 5 different types of array, Linear, Area, Volume, Radial and Cascade.

Each of these different types of array, allow you to arrange GameObjects within your scenes, quickly and easierly, and in various formations.

A Linear array is one that is formed in a line, either up, down, left, right or diagonally, spacing between GameObjects can be specified as well.

x y z xy xz yz

An Area array is one that is formed in a grid, either up, down, left, right or diagonally, spacing between GameObjects can be specified as well.

x y z xy xz yz

Volume array is one that is formed in a mesh, and is defined by rows, columns and planes, spacing between GameObjects can be specified as well.


Radial array is one that is formed in circular directions, and is defined by degrees.

x y z

Using the Array Wizard could not be easier, simply select the type of array you wish to create, then click through a few steps selecting your options via the wizard interface, and hay presto!

You can also group your arrays together by selecting Group Copies.

The uses for Array Wizard are endless, from laying out pillars in a greek monument, to constructing a flight of stairs, or laying slippers for a railroad track!

Array Wizard is another great tool within my RapidUnity suite, helping you to speed up your development in Unity.

Simple Linear Example - Row of Pillars

Radial Example - Circle of Pillars

Area Array Example - Grid of Pillars

Linear Example - Flight of Stairs

 New features in v1.1 - Snap to Surface & Add Random Noise

New in v1.1 are two user requested features, the first is Snap to Surface, this feature will automatically snap each object in your array to the surface within your scene.

The new Snap to Surface feature works with Linear, Area, Volume and Radial arrays.

The second new feature is Add Random Noise,this feature allows you to specify a Seed value, which will then add some randomization to the position of each of your object copies.

This is great for adding that extra touch or realism to your scenes, as objects in real life are not always exactly positioned apart or in line.

 More information? download the User Guide!
If you are considering purchasing the Rapidunity Array Wizard, but your still not sure, why not download the User Guide and learn more about how powerful and easy it is to use.

Download User Guide Download Rapidunity Array Wizard User Guide:

Why not checkout my RapidUnity Extra Primitives, it is the perfect partner to Array Wizard, or purchase both below for only 17.99 (approx $28/€20), saving 4.99, that's almost 40% off the cost of Array Wizard!

 Get Array Wizard now!!!
The RapidUnity ArrayWizard is available for only 12.99  (approx $20/€15).

RapidUnity Array Wizard 12.99 (approx $20/€15)
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