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"All our 3D content is generated using
photographs of your actual product,
and is therefore highly realistic"
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image image image About Us

 Our Vision
Our vision is for all online e-commerce websites to provide customers with interactive photorealistic virtual versions
of their products, as opposed to the current thumbnails or small still images currently used.

 Mission Statement
A-Lab Software's mission statement is to provide companies and individuals with the above interactive photorealistic virtual versions of their products faster and cheaper than anybody else.

To achieve this, we have pioneered new ways to create web 3D content, looking for ways to speed up its creation, its quality, and ultimately reducing its cost to produce.

 About Us
A-Lab Software, formally Black Knight Productions was formed in 1997, our first ventures into the world of 3D were using the 3D authoring product Caligari trueSpace, for which we programmed a number of plugins, adding additional functionality and productivity, the most well known plugin we created is called Puppeteer-tSX, a 3D character animation tool.

As well as producing plugins for trueSpace, we also honed our skills with the product to produce lots of 3D models and animations.

In 2005, we expanded our progamming knowledge, and used DarkBasic Professional to produce our own standalone Windows 3D application called TRACKCreator3D for designing slot car tracks in realtime 3D.

In 2006, we started looking at ways to use 3D online to show products as they are in real life, and to give customers the chance to investigate a product and learn about its features prior to making a purchase.

We looked at the current solutions available, and looked for new and far cheaper ways to produce web 3D content.

In September 2006, we were asked to produce a one off example of a product for a company called Eurotherm, who produce a large range of industrial plant and processing instruments from sensors, signal controllers and indicators thorugh to graphical paperless data recorders, and integrated process automation equipment.

They were so impressed with our initial one off example, that they asked us to produce almost all their current product instrumentation range.

In 2007, we changed our name to A-Lab Software, and are now working towards our Vision and Mission Statements to help other companies benefit from our services and increase their customers awareness about their products through interactive web 3D content, and ultimately increase product sales!

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